Our Best-selling X-Tire Balls™ Are Better Than Ever!

Tougher. More Sounds and Lights. Higher Quality Electronics

X-Tire Balls are a pair of small tires ruggedly molded as a single ball with a hollow center. They're easy for dogs to retrieve; they have a fun rolling action. They're molded from Flexi PVC so they're durable, smooth, safe and fun! Patents Pending.

Animal Sounds X-Tire Balls™

Come in two sizes with an upgraded Animal Sounds Babble Ball inside. Every ball makes more than 20 realistic animal sounds, including a lion, frog, coyote, dog, pigs, horse, rooster, elephant, cow, goat, cat, and a variety of birds. Sounds are activated by touch, and turn off automatically. This is the ultimate in pet entertainment. Dogs can't get enough of this toy! Our updated design also includes replaceable batteries. Available in 5" and 31/2" sizes. Hear the Animal Sounds Babble Ball!

Pet Qwerks Pet Toys Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball

Pet Qwerks Pet Toys Blinky X-Tire Ball

Blinky X-Tire Balls™

Have a red flashing Blinky Ball inside that turns on when touched, and turns off automatically. These deluxe toys are ideal for those wishing to indulge their pup after dark. A perfect combination of toys with an upgraded electronics package for long-lasting fun. Now comes with replaceable batteries. Available in both 3½" and 5" size.

Pet Qwerks Pet Toys Jingle X-Tire Ball

Jingle X-Tire Balls™

Features a whopper sized chrome jingle bell inside. Lots of jingle fun! Available in 5" and 31/2" sizes.

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