Chihuahua Loves Babble Balls

Cute Chihuahua

See cute chihuahua playing with a Babble Ball!

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Orange County Register

Inventor of the Babble Ball is on a roll with a high-tech pet toy.

Debbie L. Sklar
An entrepreneur with a history of developing new products was inspired by his dog's broken-toy dilemma.

James Gick's world is filled with mindless babble, and he likes it that way. read more

Local Inventor’s Talking 'Babble Ball' Entertains Pets for Hours

Jim Gick created the bestselling toy after his own dog brought him a broken favorite, looking distraught.Today, the company produces more than 100 pet toys available around the country.

Debbie L. Sklar
Whoever said silly babbling doesn’t pay off doesn’t know Jim Gick. read more
Blind dog playing with Babble Balls

Ray the Blind Dog vs. the Babble Ball

Ray takes on the babble ball that he got for Christmas. He loses.

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Jeter Loves Babble Ball Pet Qwerks

Jeter Loves Babble Ball

Jeter loves the PetQwerks Animal sounds X-Tire ball dog toy.

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